week of grace – #7

This week’s small things:

  1. I haven’t given The Husband the stomach bug that’s been lingering since Dec 30.
  2. The Husband hasn’t given me his throat and chest plague that appeared on Saturday and stole his voice.
  3. World of Warcraft.  We’ve been near addicts for years yet when I’m an orc, my mind is distracted from the urge to vomit.
  4. Saskatoon berries available in frozen form at my local grocery store.
  5. A new lovely painting is coming to a house near me (well, MY house). We ordered it. It’s freaking awesome. I’ll post photos when it arrives.
  6. We picked up new chairs to go around our awesome and HUGE kitchen table (it’s really really old and I loves it). We braved Ikea during their big sale and dudes, it was a really good thing to do and now visitors to our den don’t have to sit on the dog-hair covered floor.
  7. Drops sock yarn that’s knitting up so fast (2 socks on one circular) that it’s like crazy magic. 

Wage a battle against embitterment and take part in 365 days of Grace in Small Things. I’m doing it every Sunday for 52 weeks.

(except this week – I slept through Sunday and although I was grateful, I didn’t document accordingly until Wed.)


One thought on “week of grace – #7

  1. Now that I’ve become a WoW addict again, what server are you guys on. I t hink I asked you once before but wrote it down on a scrap piece of paper and have loss said paper.

    My brother, T-Dog and I play on Laughing Skull.

    email me your server and names to gwestphal@accesscomm.ca

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