my gimpy right foot

There are moments when everything goes well, but don’t be frightened. –
Jules Renard

(that’s from Miserable Bliss via schmutzie)

My right foot is really heavy today. I was walking to the new cafe for a bite when it became apparent that my right foot weighed more than my left foot.  I was sure that this was a new thing since I do walk quite a bit in my daily life (usually to my coworkers cubicles and then back to my little cubicle, but still). I stared down and caught myself limping, trying to swing my foot out further to SEE if my right foot looked more swollen. I then spent my commute to and from the cafe pondering a life with one gigantic foot. Would Fluevog craft a special boot for my massive appendage? Would I start volunteering, fundraising and lobbying on behalf of Giant-Foot Affliction charities?  Is there even such a thing as giant footism?

On closer inspection, my right boot wasn’t laced as tight as my left – once the laces were evenly tightened, my feet regained equilibrium. Easy fix.

And that, my friends, has been the theme for 2009.

WCB Sask (don’t even get me started on those assholes) finally began sending wage loss benefits in late December for The Husband (5 months after his back surgery. Idiots.)  and coincidentally, the first cheque arrived on the day he went back to work on light duty. That was our only outstanding worry so thus began 2009, carefree and fancyfree!

And it’s continued that way. It’s creeping me out. I guess I’m a fatalist because I’m just on edge, waiting. I’m actually creating anxiety in myself because I have no anxiety. I’m now hyperaware yet all signs lead to happiness, prosperity and laughter these days. Projects on schedule, bills paid, house awesome, Husband nifty, dog cute. Everything checks out.

Totally freaking me out.

Cold breeze coming into the house? It’s not the furnace or structural problems or a sign we need to replace windows – the back window was open.  The dog staring out the back window growling? As much as I though a murderer was hiding in the yard, bunny tracks point to a local a jack rabbit that’s attempting to take up residence in our yard. A suspiciously large cheque arrives in the mail unexpectantly? A phone call to both parties involved reveal the $$ amount is true and ours. A purchase online hasn’t shown up? An email to the sender is zinged off but the package arrives that afternoon.

I’m either going to buy a lottery ticket or buy a bomb shelter because dudes, could this possibly continue for much longer? Could it?

(tell me yes)


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