week of grace – #9

This week’s small things:

  1. Learning to use the drill to screw in the million screws needed to keep the new ceiling in the garage from falling onto someone’s noggin. I helped! I HELPED!!!! YAY ME!!!!
  2. +15 degrees Celsius
  3. Gentle Leader Headcollars. The Dog, she loves the rabbits. The rabbits, they love my neighborhood. The sidewalk, she’s icy from the warm temps and likes to make me fall when The Dog tugs towards The Rabbits. Thus, the Gentle Leader. No more pulling! And The Dog is learning to like it because, once it’s on her head, it means we’re going to go for a walk and I’m going to ply her with food to learn her to like the headcollar. WIN WIN!
  4. The phrase “learn you”. It makes me laugh. “I’m gonna learn you a lesson, young man!”  Hilarity, truly.
  5. Paypal. I may have mentioned that one before but man oh man, I do love ordering things online and PayPal really makes that easy.
  6. My northside neighbors (the others are great as well, but this week I”m focused on the north ones). I’m just so grateful for such wonderful people. As the dog and I walked on the weekend, we met them on our way and they just have a way of putting me at ease when I can be quite nervous around aquaintance-type relationships. I just love that about my neighbors. I can be such a dork but they’re still so LOVELY about it.
  7. Smuckers caramel syrup. It turns a boring banana and apple salad into a PARTY! And it’s just so golden and pretty when drizzled over pale fruit. Mmm…

Wage a battle against embitterment and take part in 365 days of Grace in Small Things. I’m doing it every Sunday for 52 weeks.


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