I’m off to the Homeland this weekend for the Annual Mother Daughter Folk Fest Extravaganza! I love the prairies and I can’t wait to hang with The Mom!!!

The Husband, in the joy of the moment, left our camera on a park bench while hanging with our nephew. Since:

  • it wasn’t there when we went back
  • it had been raining all day
  • the camera itself was kinda a piece of crap anywho that we bought refurbished 3 years ago

…I wasn’t heart broken. BUT I was in need of another machine for documentation purposes for the Extravaganza. We won a gift card for Visions earlier this year so I used it to pick an entry level SLR camera: the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS.

First photo is of The Dog:

1st Rebel shot

Please note how perfectly in focus part of her ear is. That was probably totally on purpose.

I have some playing around to do.

Note: VERY obvious that Visions people work on commission. At one point I had to clearly state that he really needed to stop pushing me or I was gonna do an ass-whooping especially for him. He backed off – I was either really convincing or he imagined for just a moment what he’d look like with a pregnant chick boot-stomping his face in the middle of the store.


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