I forgot my water bottle at home so I’m at my cubicle, drinking water from a clean yet previously used plastic bottle.

By reusing the plastic, the BPA is probably leeching into me then into The Inner Child’s body and generating a third arm on his itsy bitsy self. I think about these things quite regularly now that I’m the sole provider for a small human that exists somewhere near where my kidneys used to reside.

Oh hold on – the bottle is a Type 1 plastic made of polyethylene terephthalate
and Wikipedia didn’t mention anything about it killing me softly, quickly or having any negative effect on me or the Inner Child at all. It is the same type of plastic they use to make polar fleece. I had no idea that polar fleece was a type of plastic.

Is it unhealthy to model all of my behaviours based on info garnered from publicly edited Wikipedia articles?


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