grace in small things – aug 29,30,31

Grateful? Oh yes… so much to be grateful for!

Aug 31

1. That mudding drywalling friend? He’s spending tomorrow during the DAY working on my basement. I swoon with happiness.
2. Tropical storm Danny doesn’t appear to be aiming for Newfoundland with the force originally predicted. Which is a huge relief.
3. I have finished and submitted all of the maternity leave paperwork. I’m still in shock about the entire thing, really.
4. Amy Winehouse is really working for me today.
5. Starburst has a new “FAVE Reds” pack – and the reds/pinks are always my favourites!

Aug 30

1. A friend who will spend his Sunday afternoon spreading drywall mud all over my basement walls while attempting to teach me how to do it.
2. The Winter Husband is back. He’s just like my husband but without the facial hair. Every year when he shaves his face, I feel scandalous. 😉
3. “4 Kinds of Vegetables” dish from the local chinese joint. OMG, too good to be just veggies but that’s all it is.
4. The dog warming my feet while I check my email.
5. The man from the grocery store produce department that jumped in and helped me take all the groceries to the car even though he had never done a carryout before. And he was handsome and charming to boot!

Aug 29

1. Blackberry jam on toast
2. Water ivy exists and is living in a Vancouver apartment
3. The meeting with the new neighbours was very friendly.
4. Itsy bitsy kittehs in my bathroom
5. Early afternoon naps are da bomb!


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