grace in small things: sept 2 – 5

Sept 5

1. Payless Shoes BOGO. I have more than just icky flip flops to wear. Which is good.
2. Heritage Park. I rode a bonafide steam engine
3. Seeing life from the vantage point of a kid for the afternoon.
4. Hanging out with great people who used to be our neighbours.
5. Giant ripe juicy red watermelon

Sept 4

1. I have enough vacation days left to take today off without it affecting my maternity leave additional benefits (extra payout based on sick hours not taken)
2. The Husband did not go into anaphylactic shock when the cat allergy really reared its ugly head today.
3. Even though he could barely breathe, he still took care of the cat litter so I wouldn’t have to.
4. The shelter is safe enough now for the foster cats to go back so we didn’t have to panic about The Husband’s allergic reaction.
5. I bought one of those $20 coupon books on Wed and I’ve already gotten $5 off my groceries and a free chicken leg. Score!

Sept 3

1. A long conversation with a friend that confirms that I’m feeling more prepared than scared.
2. A dirt and grease covered husband that smells of garage sweat. Mmm… yummy
3. Dexter – working our way through season 2 between items on the To Do list
4. Results: a letter to a company president resulted in an apology and refund within 24 hours of sending. Holy finally customer service, batman!
5. Being ok with missing the last camping trip of the summer. I’m missing it for my most awesome reason in the world: 35 weeks pregnant!

Sept 2

1. We passed our prenatal classes! Wheee!
2. While swaddling a doll during our last class, we realized that the pregnancy we’ve been enjoying will become a small human. And soon. This, my friends, brings great joy.
3. I have successfully talked myself into calm: all we need for above human is breasts (check!), place to sleep (bassinet check!) and something to catch poop (check!). We’re technically ready. 🙂
4. An impromptu supper with the inlaws
5. Kittens running down the hallway to attack my feets


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