grace in small things – labour day weekend

grace in small things

1. I thought my loss of a connection for crabapples meant no jelly making this year. Instead, I was moved to ask around and now I have more apples (crab AND gala-type) than I know what to do with.

2. The above also moved me to ask about other fruits and berries and I’m also full up on sour cherries too.

3. I have a sitter coming so that I can go hang with my knitter peeps. I’m cool that way.

4. Pecan, goat cheese, strawberry and field greens salad. (because at least one grace in small things must be food related)

5. Cold, crisp, fresh water.

Wage a battle against embitterment: Grace in Small Things.


2 thoughts on “grace in small things – labour day weekend

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