Grace in small things

1. Breakfast in bed on a headache day

2. Earplugs make my world better. Even the furnace is too loud on headache days but it doesn’t matter when I’m armed with little orange soldiers.

3. My room smells like sweet banana with a soft trail of lavender wrapped in coziness. It is better than it sounds.

4. Blueberries that squish against the roof of my mouth, bursting with flavour. Thawed blueberries are best at this, giant and softer than their fresh counterparts.

5. SQL lets me play with data, and I like to play, plus I like data. I’m making things dance even though my head hurts. It’s a good distraction.

6. The Boy will be home soon and the dogs are quivering with excitement, waiting for his tsunami of energy and stories and leftover snacks to arrive. I’m quite excited as well.

7. I have honey. It was harvested by the woman that mentored my candy striper troupe many decades ago and I love that now she talks to bees. Age has little meaning when it comes to developing new passions.

8. The Husband made me laugh so many times today. I’m going to keep him.

9. I figured out how to do the heel on these socks that I started several years ago. Wrapping my head around it has not been easy but later today, I’ll be back to wrapping stitches.

10. Shortened work days mean I have some time for napping. My brain is so very grateful.


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