I’m a 30-something woman living in Calgary, Alberta. I have a husband that laughs at my jokes, even when they’re really really dumb.  I have a weird mutt of a dog that believes she is a cat. We added a small human to our family in autumn 2009. This giant event does not make me forget or accept that we lost pregnancies in 2006 and 2008.

I like to be artsy. We were foster parents to dogs that need a place to hang out while they work things out and people think that we’re cool for that but mostly we like having puppies then giving them back when they get crazy. I like to knit. I like to do computer geeky things which is good because that’s what I get paid to do during the day.  I have many friends who do Big Things and many friends who do Small Things and they all seem to be happy and that makes me happy too. I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes every day until I quit in 2005ish. My mother is a painter. I have a passionate connection to my friends and family, even if I haven’t seen or talked to them in years. I like to camp where there are no services in the back woods of Alberta. I lived in Vancouver for many years and the experience molded many of my personal beliefs and my desire to work towards greater good. My father was on the Titanic. My good friend believes he was there too. I have a white picket fence lining one side of the yard and it still makes me giggle because, dude, it’s WEIRD for me to have something so symbolic RIGHT THERE.  I volunteer at events that work towards ending homelessness.  I also volunteer at BBQ’s, knitting on blankets for the NICU and walk dogs on weekends. Volunteerism is incredibly important to me because we have to take care of each other and sometimes I don’t do a good job of this. I am a Saskatchewan Flatlander, born and raised. I got my nose pierced in 2004.  I have Crohn’s Disease that’s been kind to me since my early 20’s and I thank each day for this. I like to make jelly and I’m right now eating my mom’s homemade jalapeno jelly with cream cheese on crackers and I think I’m moaning with delight after every bite.

And even though I never call or write, I do love you. Really I do.n


2 thoughts on “About

  1. That looks lovely in your ‘about’ section. Thank you for posting it.

    Perhaps this summer, when you are about, you can come visit our home. Or our yard. Or, you know, our toilet.

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