Grace in small things

1. Breakfast in bed on a headache day

2. Earplugs make my world better. Even the furnace is too loud on headache days but it doesn’t matter when I’m armed with little orange soldiers.

3. My room smells like sweet banana with a soft trail of lavender wrapped in coziness. It is better than it sounds.

4. Blueberries that squish against the roof of my mouth, bursting with flavour. Thawed blueberries are best at this, giant and softer than their fresh counterparts.

5. SQL lets me play with data, and I like to play, plus I like data. I’m making things dance even though my head hurts. It’s a good distraction.

6. The Boy will be home soon and the dogs are quivering with excitement, waiting for his tsunami of energy and stories and leftover snacks to arrive. I’m quite excited as well.

7. I have honey. It was harvested by the woman that mentored my candy striper troupe many decades ago and I love that now she talks to bees. Age has little meaning when it comes to developing new passions.

8. The Husband made me laugh so many times today. I’m going to keep him.

9. I figured out how to do the heel on these socks that I started several years ago. Wrapping my head around it has not been easy but later today, I’ll be back to wrapping stitches.

10. Shortened work days mean I have some time for napping. My brain is so very grateful.



I’m off to the Homeland this weekend for the Annual Mother Daughter Folk Fest Extravaganza! I love the prairies and I can’t wait to hang with The Mom!!!

The Husband, in the joy of the moment, left our camera on a park bench while hanging with our nephew. Since:

  • it wasn’t there when we went back
  • it had been raining all day
  • the camera itself was kinda a piece of crap anywho that we bought refurbished 3 years ago

…I wasn’t heart broken. BUT I was in need of another machine for documentation purposes for the Extravaganza. We won a gift card for Visions earlier this year so I used it to pick an entry level SLR camera: the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS.

First photo is of The Dog:

1st Rebel shot

Please note how perfectly in focus part of her ear is. That was probably totally on purpose.

I have some playing around to do.

Note: VERY obvious that Visions people work on commission. At one point I had to clearly state that he really needed to stop pushing me or I was gonna do an ass-whooping especially for him. He backed off – I was either really convincing or he imagined for just a moment what he’d look like with a pregnant chick boot-stomping his face in the middle of the store.

Social Studies 101 from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I actually learned more about parliament from this article than in an entire university semester of political science:

What Is Happening In Canada

I’m one of the 62% that didn’t vote for the current government so I’m torn, reading hourly. Will Mme Jean declare Stephane Dion the Prime Minister? Will Steven Harper’s head blow right off today? Will the MP’s all get an extra long Xmas vacation while the economy is circling the drain?

And I thought the Americans had all of the political drama! 

my shoes don’t work after last call

Just a couple of notes before I crawl away into a hovel to deal with my splendid crapulence:

1. Walking downhill in heels after consuming massive quantities of beer is not a Good Idea. Beer causes shoes to no longer work in the way they were designed. It must be a dehydration thing.

2. The Husband sleeps with his eyes slightly open. I was staring at him this morning, telepathically urging his snoring to quiet as it was bringing my hungover brain to shrill peaks of flashing pain. Reflection of light bounced back from below his lashes, and on (much) closer inspection, I found his eyes to be slightly open. It also startled him and brought him defensively awake and asking what the hell I was doing, but it does solve the mystery of why his eyes are so sore lately. He’s sleeping with eyes open – I married a ninja.


(wordpress glitched a bit in the last day or so, so this is publishing a bit later than intended)

I’m reading a challenged book during Freedom To Read Week.

Freedom To Read

I’d like to declare that I am reading the challenged books as a goal, however, in this case it’s completely accidental and I only figured it out after c3n0byt3 got me hip to the cause. I’m a bit proud that I actually have many of these books on our shelves, and they’re worn ragged due to the love they receive. Each is a lesson and opens a dialogue within, opens my mind to questioning.

I’m now reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and it was challenged because the novel “contains the word ‘nigger,’ might cause black students to be mocked because of racial stereotyping” (Challenged Books List). As I’m reading, I’m seeing a different message – the characters that are agist, racist, sexist come across as ignorant but also, in some ways, deserving of pity. The lessons of acceptance, community, as well as isolation and injustice are very real in the community – and over and over again, situations arise that on the surface appear to be cut and dried, only to be explored deeper by Lee and I find only more questions rather than able to declare right or wrong.

And I’m developing quite the crush on Atticus Finch.

I checked out the local V-Day campaign presentation of The Vagina Monologues last night – and they did a great job. The intense emotions and the quick switch between, as well as the honesty and humour, well, I really love the production. I feel faster, stronger, more awake. It’s available on DVD, so head on down to yer video store, k?

And if my vagina could talk, it would say “woot woot!” and wear a long black flowy gown, combat boots and lace socks.