Non blogarific linky do’s. I need to put them somewhere, so here they are.

  • Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About – Mil Millington is so funny, brings tears to my eyes…
  • Catholic School Girl Dressup – naughty. fun. Ha ha my mom was a Catholic school girl!
  • Orisinal Calming Games to Lose your Mind in.
  • I am a Japanese School Teacher – real stories from an American teacher in Japan. Funny sh*t.
  • Deviant Art – it’s not just for breakfast anymore.
  • Speaking of artists, be sure to check out the photography of Noah Grey & Brian Uhreen.
  • PartiallyClips – webcomic. If you like RedMeat, you’ll like these. Yes, really.
  • Waste time here playing weird flash games.
  • Because I’m a loser at this “linguistic” intelligence test, I found something that’s more “me” spatially. Damn you all that have verbal ability and linguistic pattern recognition. I, of the non-linguistic pattern recognition and spatial intelligence people, shall rise up and make you all do jigsaw puzzles until your eyes burn! Yes yes yes!
  • Order of the stick comics are just funny for lotsa geeky reasons. Sluggy is better for the obvious killer-bunny trumps stick-knights rule of thumb.
  • ThinkGeek has THEEE coolest gadgets. EVER.
  • Really funny t-shirts for sale at TSHIRT Hell that are probably offensive to lots of people. Which almost makes them that much funnier.
  • Wetcanvas, as already mentioned elsewhere on these pages, is a world of light for me. Yay art!
  • I pinch. Check out the crab commercial in the lower left corner. No pinch, no pinch.
  • Zeldman has been around the internet forever and he knows everyone cool. In fact, so have Powazek and Kottke.
  • Speaking of Powazek, keep your mind occupied with short stories at Fray.
  • It’s new on my list but so far LifeHacker looks to be not only handsome, but handy!
  • Grey hats and nerdy hats are good hats – the “box network” now has lots of components but my favorite is still New Order.
  • I love mother earth. And I love this FAQ list of better ways to live to give her your support.

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