He’s here!

Long time no chat… but I had to pop by between wiping a very cute bum and trying to find a shower for myself to report:


The last 13 weeks have flown by. Motherhood seems to suit me much better than I expected.

Every day I thank all powers that be for our son. He’s really an inspiration.

And I’ve apparently become a mushy cliche-slinger in the meantime.


grace in small things

Sept 7

1. A long mid-day bath
2. Homemade chicken korma. Yellow food is good!
3. List making is so satisfying. I made two today.
4. Remembering to put the recycling out for pickup without The Husband here to do it. I remembered something! MIRACULOUS!!
5. The Husband survived his camping trip. He’s still sweating booze and he had a great time and he missed me lots. Which is satisfying because I missed him too.

Sept 6

1. A long long walk with my most awesome canine friend
2. I fixed the vacuum! I fixed the vacuum! ME ME ME fixed something!
3. I had microwaved haddock and wow, it was really enjoyable.
4. I found my mat leave city guide that I bought months ago.
5. Napping without guilt


My available topics of conversation over the past few months: baby, baby, labour, breasts, baby, baby, labour, labour, hope, breast, baby, baby, labour, baby, dog.

The poor poor dog.Voodoo

I understood in theory that The Dog would have to take at least a temporary backseat to the offspring since she’s relatively self sufficient while a newborn human will need the time we have historically devoted to the dog. We’re five weeks away from the estimated due date of the Offspring and oh, the poor poor dog. As it’s happening before my eyes and the dog hasn’t had a walk in at least 4 days and I think I forgot to feed her supper last night and she’s still following me around the house with deep affection in her eyes – I have Le Guilt. The offspring isn’t even HERE yet but just having him fully embraced in my pelvis has me choosing to be a neglectful dog mom.

Today I committed to refocus on my girl. We walked/waddled for an hour, I minded good posture while she minded sniffing all the parts of the neighbourhood that she hadn’t smelled for awhile. It felt good to wander the ‘hood to do a few errands and I do love walking with the beautiful, focused, prancing pooch.  It was a relief to see her continually adjusting to my new physical self where I am slower and more awkward than I was a few short months ago. Today The Dog would pause and take a glance behind her to make sure I was still coming along behind. The Dog, she patiently walked me.

We’ve been told that The Dog can already hear the Offspring’s heart beat from deep within my body, smell my different pheromones and I’m sure that’s why she’s become more focused, more affectionate, more  concerned with me than ever before. As we get ready for the newest member of the family to arrive, we’ve stepped up The Dog’s  training to commands like “leave it” to prepare for her first encounter with baby vomit, diapers and other things she’s sure to deem delicious. She’s been introduced to a newborn and was very focused on helping clean his cradle-capped head with her giant tongue and thus, we have deemed her as having much potential as a big sister.

I keep picturing a gorgeous autumn day in October or November when The Dog can walk both myself and her little brother around the neighbourhood. I hope we can keep the small human alive and well while continuing to ensure that The Dog, the first of our dependent family members, continues to be healthy and happy.

Thank gawds her patience is easily bought by a big disgusting bloody bone. I’d better stock my freezer.

grace in small things: sept 2 – 5

Sept 5

1. Payless Shoes BOGO. I have more than just icky flip flops to wear. Which is good.
2. Heritage Park. I rode a bonafide steam engine
3. Seeing life from the vantage point of a kid for the afternoon.
4. Hanging out with great people who used to be our neighbours.
5. Giant ripe juicy red watermelon

Sept 4

1. I have enough vacation days left to take today off without it affecting my maternity leave additional benefits (extra payout based on sick hours not taken)
2. The Husband did not go into anaphylactic shock when the cat allergy really reared its ugly head today.
3. Even though he could barely breathe, he still took care of the cat litter so I wouldn’t have to.
4. The shelter is safe enough now for the foster cats to go back so we didn’t have to panic about The Husband’s allergic reaction.
5. I bought one of those $20 coupon books on Wed and I’ve already gotten $5 off my groceries and a free chicken leg. Score!

Sept 3

1. A long conversation with a friend that confirms that I’m feeling more prepared than scared.
2. A dirt and grease covered husband that smells of garage sweat. Mmm… yummy
3. Dexter – working our way through season 2 between items on the To Do list
4. Results: a letter to a company president resulted in an apology and refund within 24 hours of sending. Holy finally customer service, batman!
5. Being ok with missing the last camping trip of the summer. I’m missing it for my most awesome reason in the world: 35 weeks pregnant!

Sept 2

1. We passed our prenatal classes! Wheee!
2. While swaddling a doll during our last class, we realized that the pregnancy we’ve been enjoying will become a small human. And soon. This, my friends, brings great joy.
3. I have successfully talked myself into calm: all we need for above human is breasts (check!), place to sleep (bassinet check!) and something to catch poop (check!). We’re technically ready. 🙂
4. An impromptu supper with the inlaws
5. Kittens running down the hallway to attack my feets

Sept 1 – 4

1. Working from home = pajama day!
2. Five little kittens running around the hallway, attacking each other in roly poly ways that only kittens can manage
3. The Dog has finally figured out that getting near the kittens means she will be screamed at by the Momma cat.
4. A happy midwife appointment to confirm that yep, everything is going swimmingly!
5. Discovering that 90% of people are being turned away from the midwife offices due to overwhelming demand – we are blessed to have gotten in to their practice!


I forgot my water bottle at home so I’m at my cubicle, drinking water from a clean yet previously used plastic bottle.

By reusing the plastic, the BPA is probably leeching into me then into The Inner Child’s body and generating a third arm on his itsy bitsy self. I think about these things quite regularly now that I’m the sole provider for a small human that exists somewhere near where my kidneys used to reside.

Oh hold on – the bottle is a Type 1 plastic made of polyethylene terephthalate
and Wikipedia didn’t mention anything about it killing me softly, quickly or having any negative effect on me or the Inner Child at all. It is the same type of plastic they use to make polar fleece. I had no idea that polar fleece was a type of plastic.

Is it unhealthy to model all of my behaviours based on info garnered from publicly edited Wikipedia articles?

grace in small things – aug 29,30,31

Grateful? Oh yes… so much to be grateful for!

Aug 31

1. That mudding drywalling friend? He’s spending tomorrow during the DAY working on my basement. I swoon with happiness.
2. Tropical storm Danny doesn’t appear to be aiming for Newfoundland with the force originally predicted. Which is a huge relief.
3. I have finished and submitted all of the maternity leave paperwork. I’m still in shock about the entire thing, really.
4. Amy Winehouse is really working for me today.
5. Starburst has a new “FAVE Reds” pack – and the reds/pinks are always my favourites!

Aug 30

1. A friend who will spend his Sunday afternoon spreading drywall mud all over my basement walls while attempting to teach me how to do it.
2. The Winter Husband is back. He’s just like my husband but without the facial hair. Every year when he shaves his face, I feel scandalous. 😉
3. “4 Kinds of Vegetables” dish from the local chinese joint. OMG, too good to be just veggies but that’s all it is.
4. The dog warming my feet while I check my email.
5. The man from the grocery store produce department that jumped in and helped me take all the groceries to the car even though he had never done a carryout before. And he was handsome and charming to boot!

Aug 29

1. Blackberry jam on toast
2. Water ivy exists and is living in a Vancouver apartment
3. The meeting with the new neighbours was very friendly.
4. Itsy bitsy kittehs in my bathroom
5. Early afternoon naps are da bomb!